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12th & 13th Dec 2023


14th Dec 2023Conference
15th Dec 2023Awards
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What to expect at IRECMS Dubai 2023?

Exciting days of masterclasses, conference and gala awards evening


International and local speakers


Delegates and decision-makers


Power packed conference sessions


Exciting categories


Prestigious winners


Special Industry Recognitions


Keynote Address

International Participation

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Recognition From RERA

Mr. Jatin Deepchandani (CEO, Plan3Media) received an honour from the Dubai Land Department through its Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) for his relentless contribution towards raising awareness and benchmarks in the Real Estate Management Industry. A proud moment for Plan3Media & IRECMS!

Who will attend IRECMS Dubai 2023?


9.30 AM

9.30 AM to 11.00 AM

Masterclasses (Day 1)

The Resilient Workforce: Lessons from a Real-Life Case Study

Dive into a real-life case study by Emrill that explores successful strategies for enhancing employee well-being and building mental resilience within the workplace. This will be an interactive session that will engage the participants to learn how to prioritize both individual and organizational health.

Speaker: Stuart Harrison - CEO, Emrill

11.30 AM

11.30 AM to 1.00 PM

Women Leadership in Community Management :

Embark on a vital collaborative discussion on Women Leadership in Community Management. Explore workplace dynamics, sector-specific challenges, and solutions for fostering inclusivity.

Speaker: Dawn Bauman - Chief Strategy Officer | Executive Director, Community Associations Institute | Foundation for Community Association Research

1.30 PM

1.30 PM to 3.00 PM

Theme: Financial Management

Speaker: Vishnu Sharma - President, Community Associations Institute

9.30 AM

9.30 AM to 11.00 AM

Masterclasses (Day 2)

Mastering the Art of Long-lasting Connection with Your OC

Learn proven strategies to cultivate strong, enduring relationships with your owner's committee, fostering collaboration, effective communication, and shared goals.

Speaker: Jeevan D’Mello - CEO, Zenesis Corp

11.30 AM

11.30 AM to 1.00 PM

The Community Whisperer:Unlocking Soft Skills Excellence

Elevate your soft skills to become a community whisperer who expertly navigates interpersonal dynamics, resolves conflicts, and creates harmonious environments that empower collaboration and growth.

Speaker: Shaun Harper - Managing Director, People Centric Managing Director

1.30 PM

1.30 PM to 3.00 PM

The A to Z of working with Gen Z

Navigate the nuances of effectively engaging and managing Generation Z in your community or workplace, from understanding their values to tailoring communication approaches for maximum impact.

Speaker: Devika Valsaraj - Regional Director, People & Talent

9.30 AM

9.30 AM to 9.35 AM

IRECMS Dubai Conference

Welcome Remarks

9.35 AM

9.35 AM to 9.50 AM

Opening Remarks

9.50 AM

9.50 AM to 10.35 AM

Panel Discussion: The Science and Art of Managing Luxury Properties

10.35 AM

10.35 AM to 11.15 AM

Panel Discussion: Strategic Community Engagement: Integrating Community Management into Design and Development Stages

11.15 AM

11.15 AM to 11.25 AM

Coffee Break and Networking

11.25 AM

11.25 AM to 11.35 AM

REM 50 Celebration

11.35 AM

11.35 AM to 11.50 AM

Felicitation for CAI Courses

11.50 AM

11.50 AM to 12.35 PM

Panel Discussion: Strengthening the Safety and Security of our Communities

12.35 PM

12.35 PM to 12.55 PM

A Fireside Chat on the Future of Dubai’s Built Environment

12.55 PM

12.55 PM to 1.15 PM

Presentation: Impact of Technology on Sustainability: How technology can boost efficiency and resilience in management sector

1.15 PM

1.15 PM to 2.15 PM

Lunch Break and Networking

*Post lunch, IRECMS Conference will break into 2 parallel tracks

2.15 PM

2.15 PM to 3.00 PM

Panel Discussion: Zero Tolerance to Collapses: Why Florida's Misfortune Should Not Repeat

3.00 PM

3.00 PM to 3.45 PM

Panel Discussion: The Power of Marketing in the Real Estate Management Industry

3.45 PM

3.45 PM to 4.00 PM

Presentation: Crafting Tomorrow's Communities: Customer-Centric Evolution in Dubai's Real Estate Management Landscape

2.15 PM

2.15 PM to 3.00 PM

Generative Artificial Intelligence For Real Estate Managers

3.00 PM

3.00 PM to 3.30 PM

Human Expert vs Chat GPT: A Debate to Watch Out For

3.30 PM

3.30 PM to 4.00 PM

The Right Prompt For Right Results - How to talk to AI

4.00 PM

4.00 PM to 4.15 PM

All sessions will again Merge into the main session

Coffee Break & Networking

4.15 PM

4.15 PM to 4.45 PM

The Power of Data and Tech for Productivity and Sustainability

4.45 PM

4.45 PM to 5.20 PM

Panel Discussion: How Proptech is Shaping a New Tenant Management Era

5.20 PM

5.20 PM to 5.25 PM

Closing Remarks

5.30 PM


IRECMS After Party (By Invitation Only)

IRECMS Dubai Awards

A glamorous evening to celebrate the best in the business. After a 6-month rigorous process,Gold and Silver winners will be revealed across 25+ categories along with important industry recognitions.

It will be time to - Dress Up! Show Up! Party Hard!

IRECMS DUBAI 2023 Speakers
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IRECMS Dubai 2022- The Toast on Social Media

With 300+ mentions and engagement crossing 14,000 impressions, IRECMS Dubai created a buzz on social media. The best part? All of these mentions came from participants, speakers, winners and Jury!

About Plan3Media

Plan3Media (P3M) is a unique event management company that conceptualises original event ideas and transforms the ideas into thriving, intellectual event properties through seamless end-to-end execution. Founded in 2015, P3M focuses primarily on international business conferences and seminars, community events and street markets.

In a brief 3-year period, P3M has successfully launched 4 pioneering business conferences and seminars and scaled them up to have a flourishing presence in Dubai as well as India.

IRECMS is a platform that serves the dual purpose of introducing the profession of Community Facilities, Property and Asset Management in countries where it is not yet practiced formally as well as enhancing this profession in countries where it is a legal requirement.

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